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Business Catalyst Tutorials

Setting up Email 'Vacation' Replies/Auto Responder

 By Katherine Anderson |  Tuesday, November 25, 2014 

You can set up an auto-reply (auto-responder) for your mailbox, so that anytime someone writes to you, they'll receive a message immediately. This is helpful when you'll be out of the office and are unable to respond to email inquiries for a duration of time. To set up an auto-responder, follow these steps: 

1. Login to your webmail program located at

2.  In the Settings wind, click Autoresponder.

3. Click the Enabled check box. A check mark appears to indicate auto responder is enabled.

4. In the Interval field, enter the number of days before the same recipient will receive the auto-response message again. If not specified, the interval defaults to one day.

5. Click in the End Date field, and select the date when you want to stop the autoresponce message from being sent.

6. Click Save

To disable autorespoder

1. In the Settings window, click Autoresponder, and then remove the checkmark from the Enabled checkbox.

2. Click Save

Scheduled System Maintenance Sept 26 - Oct 1

 By Katherine Anderson |  Thursday, September 25, 2014 

To ensure the highest levels of security and reliability, Amazon will be performing an infrastructure update starting on Friday, September 26th and lasting until October 1st. The update requires restarting all AWS hardware and will also impact the Business Catalyst sites. 

While we're taking pro-active actions to reduce the number of downtime sessions, we cannot completely avoid having some downtime for sites on every data center. Therefore, during the maintenance window, customers should expect a maximum of 4 downtime sessions of up to 3 minutes for every site.

Maintenance schedule:
Start date: Friday, September 26th
End date: Wednesday, October 1st

Customer impact:
Websites on all data centers will experience maximum 4 downtime sessions of up to 3 minutes.

System Maintenance on AU Datacentre Sept 14

 By Katherine Anderson |  Friday, September 12, 2014 

To ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability, we've scheduled a database server upgrade on our Australia and North America data centers. To minimize the customer impact, the upgrade is scheduled at the most convenient hours for the regions and will take up to 6 hours to complete. During the maintenance procedure, creating and updating content, Partner registration, trial site creation, publish from Muse, sFTP, APIs and some site admin sections will not be available for 4 hours on ALL data centers. Additionally, all sites on the AU and NA data center will experience up to 9 minutes downtime sometimes during the maintenance window. Except for the scheduled 9 minutes downtime, the website front-ends will not be impacted by the maintenance.

Maintenance schedule:
  • Start date and time: Sunday, September 14th, 12:00 PM UTC (check data center times)
  • Duration: We are targeting a 6 hours maintenance window
Customer impact:
  • Partner registration, Trial site creation Muse Publish, APIs, FTP and some admin section will not be available for 4 hours on all data centers 
  • All websites and services on AU and NA data centers will experience up to 9 minutes downtime sometimes within the maintenance window 
  • Creating or updating content on sites located on AU and NA data center will be unavailable during the maintenance procedure.

Upcoming USPS Integration Update

 By Katherine Anderson |  Tuesday, August 12, 2014 

USPS Web Tools will be retiring the RateV3 API next month (targeted date is September 28th). To keep up with the latest update, Business Catalyst is going to update the API integration on Monday, August 18th 2014.

Following the transition, the Parcel and BPM shipping options will be retired and will no longer be available in the new API. To reduce impact on customers, Business Catalyst will update all sites using these shipping options to replace them with Standard Post. All the other options will remain unchanged.

New Webmail Platform Launched

 By Katherine Anderson |  Thursday, June 12, 2014 

On June 26, 2014 our webmail provider will update the mail platform to all email clients. The current webmail platform will be retired on the same day.

The new webmail platform has a brand new look and feel and it is is packed with new features. Here are the top 10 new features that will be available with the new platform:

  1. A brand new look and feel: the new webmail is modern looking, faster and a lot more intuitive. 
  2. Mobile sync for calendar and address book: The most awaited feature. Webmail now supports mobile sync (not currently available. This feature will be available by June 26th). 
  3. Conversation threads: conversations can now be grouped together. Users have the option to display conversations as lists or threads. 
  4. Cloud storage for files: A simple way to manage files. Share, password protect and set an expiry date for the links you share (not currently available. This feature will be available by June 26th). 
  5. More robust RSS reader: the RSS reader is easier to use and manage. 
  6. A better HTML editor: the new editor offers users more options to format messages. 
  7. Identity management with HTML supported signatures: manage multiple profiles and create HTML signatures for each profile. 
  8. Extensive address book fields: more fields for you to keep your contacts organized. 
  9. Extensive domain and user management capabilities: you can do a lot more when using the admin features. 
  10. Ability to reorder columns: You can move columns around to customize your inbox. 
For a sneak peek into the new interface, you can watch a quick demo video:

New Backup BC App

 By Katherine Anderson |  Wednesday, June 11, 2014 

You can now Backup your BC Site from within the Admin console!

For only $110 inc.gst we can Purchase the Backup App, Install it and run your first Backup. You then have full access to backup data whenever you choose to run or download it. Alternatively, for $22 inc.gst per backup, we can download your website data weekly, monthly, quarterly or as regularly as you need and send you a copy of the zip files for safe keeping. 

Backups can be customised based on date range and you can even set storage preferences and download a copy of the backup for safe keeping to your local hard drive.

The backup module is now available for your - 

  • Files and Folders
  • Web Apps
  • eCommerce Catalogs and Products
  • CRM Customers and Cases* 

*Only the standard CRM fields are backed up. Extended CRM data is not backed up at this time. Exercise discretion when restoring CRM data if you have extended your CRM. Also note, cases and orders are only exported in json format, which at this point are not importable from the admin console. Contact us about custom import support for cases and orders.

Contact us now about adding the Backup App to your BC Site and have a better nights sleep!