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    Adobe Business Catalyst Email account integration upgrade

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Katherine Anderson
    Adobe Business Catalyst has recently upgraded the integration with their email service provider, OpenSRS. To make sure your account uses the newest authentication mechanism you will need to login into the webmail interface using your current username and password. Once you have logged in successfully simply log out and your upgrade is complete. 

    Please login into the webmail panel by November the 18-th 2015 in order to have the new settings applied. Email accounts still using the old integration by November the 18-th will have their passwords reset in order to apply the new settings.

    I cannot remember the password, how do I login?

    If you do not remember the password for your email account please have it reset as described in this article - Update an email password

    I always log into my inbox from the Admin Console, why do I need to login via webmail?

    When accessing your inbox from the Admin Console we use a different, seamless login mechanism so you don't have to re-enter your password. To upgrade the integration one will need to enter his or her password in the webmail login interface panel

    If I change the webmail password will I need to remember one password for the inbox and one for the Admin Console login?

    The passwords for the email account and Business Catalyst Admin console can and should be different. However, whenever you login into the Business Catalyst Admin console and click the Webmail menu entry you are seamlessly redirected to your inbox without having to enter the password for the inbox (even if it is different than the BC login password).

    The email password is only required when logging in via the webmail panel.

    What if I do not login by November the 18-th? All email accounts still using the old security integration by November the 18-th will have their passwords reset. Users will then need to request a password reset email before they can login again.

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