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    Facebook reaches over a billion users worldwide and as a social medium, is great to leverage social conversations, viral marketing campaigns and brand awareness on a large scale. Different to Adwords, Facebook gives you the ability to target customers based on their likes and interests which means you are able to build brand familiarity and mindshare quickly.

    Real-Time Marketing on a Global Scale ~

    facebook ads

    Choose your Audience and Budget

    Some of the benefits of using Facebook targeting include -

    • Reach customers by locations, age, gender, interests and their connections
    • Choose to run ads based on family status, education, workplace, music likes or preferred activities

    You can also select what you want to Advertise on Google, such as -

    • Website to increase traffic and promote specific pages/products/services
    • Facebook Page to get more likes and promote individual posts
    • An Event on your Facebook Page to increase participants

    Budget allocation can be as little as $1 a day and can either be charged by the cost-per-click of an ad (perfect for conversion optimising) or cost-per-impression (designed for brand building).

    Start Advertising with Facebook Ads.