Keyword Research

    Rank for the best Keywords & Phrases

    Do you know how many Google searches there are each month locally, nationally or globally for your brand or products? We can find the best keywords and phrases to base your Website around or the most popular topics to write Blog Posts for. Keyword Research is also excellent for finding popular business names and product names or checking on your competition. Find out how many people are searching for your business or products today.

    Keyword Research and Analysis is the most important aspect of any online marketing campaign and helps you build a Keyword Targeting Strategy for Google Adwords, On-page Optimisation and Content Marketing for your website.

    Keyword Research Strategies for your Website ~

    keyword research

    Learn how Customers Search

    With Keyword Research you will better understand how customers search for you, the phrases they use and how seasonal searches are, you will understand the motivations of your customers and their buying cycle. This gives you important insight into how your website should be structured, what keywords to include and direct-match keyword phrases to target on a per-page level.

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    Ranking for the Right Search

    It's not just about getting visitors to your site! If they are not qualified customers that are looking for your exact product or service, they are likely to bounce away and never return. The trick is to get the 'right' customers from a relevant, direct-match search at the point where they are searching for valuable transactional or informational keywords for your business.

    keyword research long tailed phrases

    Consider Long-tail Phrases

    Keyword phrases that are 1- 2 words long are not only too broad to rank for but are also low-converting phrases that represent only a quarter of web searches. Keyword Research will uncover the 3-5 word long-tailed phrases that are a direct match to your products and services, and will result in higher conversion and purchase rates from your customers.

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    Save Money on Adwords

    As each Adwords keyword phrase is charged for individually on a per-click basis, if you don't know how much each phrase your targeting costs, you could be paying for expensive or under-performing keyword phrases. Keyword Research will give you the average cost-per-click for phrases you are currently paying for and similar ones that you may not have considered. This allows you to build a more cost-effective strategy for your Adwords campaigns.

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    Update Keyword Research Regularly

    Keyword Research should be completed regularly to keep up-to-date with changes in social trends, marketing conditions and population growth. Keyword Research should also be used to help make choices for -

    • Domain Names
    • New Product Development
    • Location and Geographic Targeting
    • Article writing/blog posts
    • Brand Niches
    Get Keyword Research completed for your Business.