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    Google knows your personal search history and what sites you have viewed in the past. So if you have searched for your own website, product or service and clicked on it in search results, Google knows you 'like' that page so starts to show this result higher in your search results.

    This is why you often see different search results when you use other devices or browsers, or when you are logged-in or not-logged-in to Google. The only way to obtain your true website rankings is to do Website Ranking Report that gets its results straight from the Google database so you can make informed decisions on content marketing and SEO strategies for your website.

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    website ranking report

    Monthly Website Ranking Reports

    A Website Ranking Report is based on selected keywords and phrases which can include location names, tested against Google, Bing and Yahoo (or the main browsers in your country).

    The report will document increases and decreases in rankings over time, along with your best rankings and rate of change, helping you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

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