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    Location Marketing with Bing

    When a local search or location-based search is made on Bing, you want your Business to feature at the top of the page on a Bing Map. That way customers can see that your business is located close to them, and they can even get directions making it easy for them to find you.

    To get your Business ranking for location searches on Bing Maps, the Bing Search Engine and across the Microsoft network, you need a Bing Maps Listing. A Bing Maps Listing gives you an enhanced first page ranking for your Business and should be an integral part of your Location Marketing strategy.

    Get a Bing Maps Listing for your Business ~

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    Bing Maps Account Options -

    Your Bing Maps Business listing can be setup as a 'local or small business with a storefront', 'multiple locations' or a 'business offering services at customer locations' and can include the following details about your business -

    • Business contact details
    • Website url & email
    • Business description
    • Opening hours
    • Logo, photos or video links
    • Facebook and Twitter url
    • Industry categories for your listing to searched for

    Your Bing Map listing is added to your Microsoft Account and the listing can be verified fast by email or standard mail.

    Start Location Marketing with Bing Maps.