Business Catalyst Ecommerce & Shopping Cart

    Sell with a Shopping Cart

    eCommerce capabilities are built right into Adobe Business Catalyst, so that you can avoid the pain of custom coding and fiddly configuration, PLUS it is backed by a 128 bit encrypted payment process with SSL Secured Global Sign technology and is fully PCI Data Secruity Compliant.

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    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart

    Product Management

    Create unlimited products or downloadable eProducts, organised into searchable catalogues. Utilise inventory management and product attributes and specify size and weight for shipping. Upsell products, relate products together and provide different prices for attributes like eProducts, gift wrapping, sizes, colours and styles.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart order management

    Order Management

    Every order created is linked to a customer record inside the Business Catalyst Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This allows you to keep a complete history of customer orders and actions, offer customer loyalty bonuses and run targeted email marketing campaigns to existing customer groups.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart add to cart

    Sales Process & Add to Cart

    We will program the 'add to cart' functionality, the 'shopping cart overview' and 'final payment transaction' page. Once the transaction is submitted, customers will then be emailed an automated receipt. There is also a quote form that customers can be emailed based on the products they have selected in their shopping cart.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart discount vouchers affiliates

    Discounts, Vouchers & Affiliates

    There are also options for discount codes by date, fixed amount or as free shipping. Gift vouchers can be purchased and supplied by email and you can also enable referral tracking with affiliate programs once the site is live.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart shipping providers

    Easy Billing & Shipping

    Credit Card payments can be emailed as an encrypted PDF to process manually or through a seamless or non-seamless gateway. You can receive payments from Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, Amex, Diners Club and JCB (depending on your merchant facility) and can use 'Australia Post' or a host of other delivery services.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart payments donations

    Collect Donations & Payments

    Not every online business sells products. You may want to collect donations or payments for services. We can configure Business Catalyst Web Forms to collect secure payments for almost anything. We also add a link to the currency converter for foreign exchange rates.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart inventory management

    Import, Export & Migrate

    If you already have your product inventory in a spreadsheet or on another platform, you can import products in a simple Excel spreadsheet format. There is also an easy export option to make life easier on the way out, too.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart search friendly urls

    SEO Friendly Cart

    Search Engines love Business Catalyst Online Business Stores. All online shops contain search friendly URLs (website addresses) with the product or catalog's name so that it is searchable within Search Engines.

    business catalyst ecommerce shopping cart recurring billings

    Automate Recurring Billing

    As long as your Payment Gateway supports it, you can sell products that have a built in re-occurrence. That means if you want to sell subscriptions or memberships, secure zone access or charge for monthly / yearly payments, Business Catalyst can support this.

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