Business Catalyst Email Marketing

    Resell to Customers

    Email Marketing to your customer database is direct marketing! It builds strong relationships and provides increased traffic to your site on a regular basis that is measurable. It is also much easier to resell to customers you already have than to find and capture new ones.

    With Business Catalyst Email Marketing you can keep customers informed about upcoming events and promotions or educate them on new products and services. Provide a 'tip of the week', 'special deal', 'how to', 'customer interview' or 'case study'. You can also setup ongoing loyalty-campaigns based on a particular date ie. event date, birthday, service date or web form submission date to encourage customers to re-visit your site and purchase more items.

    Stay Top-of-Mind and Keep it Relevant ~

    business catalyst email marketing unlimited campaigns

    Unlimited Campaigns

    Create unlimited personalised email marketing campaigns and send as many newsletters as you need with Business Catalyst. Depending on the hosting plan up to 10,000 emails per month are included with your Business Catalyst online business. The system also tracks each time one of your customers opens an email from your email marketing campaign using a live feed so you can measure how well your email marketing is working.

    business catalyst email marketing subscriber lists

    Subscriber Lists

    Create unlimited email marketing lists of customers from your Online Customer Database or imported email marketing lists from Excel. Also build targeted lists from your website order information, web form submissions, forum members, blog comments and more.

    business catalyst email marketing newsletter template

    Email Newsletter Templates

    We can create a branded newsletter template in the same style as your Business Catalyst website. This email newsletter template can also be used to house regular emails to customers and subscribers. We can also automate sales responses by automating emails that are sent to customers once they subscribe.

    business catalyst email marketing results emailed

    Weekly Results Emailed

    Every week you will receive an Email from your Business Catalyst Website showing the performance of your Email Marketing Campaign, tracking open rates, click-through's, bounces and unsubscribes so you can measure how well your email marketing campaigns are working.

    Start Using Email Marketing to Resell to Customers.