Business Catalyst Reporting

    Get Website Reports and Statistics

    From web pages to online shops, email marketing to lead management, your Business Catalyst Website will record every interaction your customers have with your site and then give you the automated tools to track and report on them. This gives you the ability to see how your Online Business is performing every day, minute by minute.

    Live Tracking of Customer Interactions ~

    business catalyst reporting statistics

    See Customer Conversions

    Login to your Business Catalyst Website and you are presented with a dashboard of the latest information. With key metrics, charts and a live feed of customer activity, keeping your finger on the pulse of your online business has never been easier.

    usiness catalyst reporting email marketing

    Generate Email Reports

    Campaign reports give you statistics for each email newsletter you send out such as the number of opens, bounces, email click-throughs, unsubscribes, and even which link a recipient has clicked on.

    business catalyst reporting ecommerce

    Review Ecommerce Reports

    eCommerce reports extract all sorts of information about the performance of your Business Catalyst online store. Example reports include -

    • Compare sales volume and top suppliers
    • Which shipping option is most popular
    • Which discount code yields the most sales
    • List your top selling products
    • Which catalogs yield the best sale
    • Measure shopping cart abandonment rate
    business catalyst reporting customers

    Export Customer Reports

    Customer reports provide activity trends that you can download and view in Excel, PDF and .csv formats. Example reports include -

    • Where customers are located
    • How many customers have spent over $100
    • How many customers have submitted a web form
    • List all of a web form's submissions
    • All customers who booked into an event
    • Customers who purchased in the last week
    Get Website Reports and Statistics for your Business Catalyst Website.