Business Catalyst Websites

    Website Design & Programming

    The hardest part of setting up a new website is choosing what Bells and Whistles to incorporate into your Online Business. Each of the Business Catalyst modules are fully integrated, customised and tracked through the system and are linked to the Reporting, Statistics and Site Analytics.

    Custom Modules & 

    Business Catalyst Functionality ~

    business catalyst websites search

    Site Search Engine

    A Search Box can help customers find information quickly and easily on your site, displaying results on a separate page.

    business catalyst websites photo galleries movies

    Photo & Video Galleries

    Feature a photo gallery on your site of small thumbnail images that when clicked on, enlarge with simple click-through navigation and a modern lightbox effect. Video galleries can also be programmed using simple urls from Vimeo or Youtube, making it easy to edit.

    business catalyst websites forms workflows

    Web Forms

    Web forms can be sent to multiple email addresses or mobile phones via SMS. All form data is collected in the Business Catalyst CRM database and customers are automatically subscribed to email marketing lists. Forms can also capture credit card details as 128 bit encrypted PDF files for manual payment processing or connected straight into your seamless payment gateway.

    business catalyst websites faqs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    List commonly asked questions with pre-populated answers to help solve common customer queries before customers contact you. A great time saver so you don't have answer the same questions repeatedly.

    business catalyst websites news announcements


    Feature a list of mini articles on your site homepage where you can display news, specials, press releases or product information that will catch the eye of your customers and keep the homepage looking fresh.

    business catalyst websites news blog


    Sites with blogs get 55% more website visitors and are more geared for online success. Blogs are the perfect vehicle to post news, event details and customer information with images, links and text. The built-in RSS feed, categories, archive and comment area for customers to provide feedback also help increase usability.

    business catalyst websites forum


    Create online communities of customers that interact with each other, ask questions and share experiences with your business. You can maintain multiple Forums, moderate all posts, add your own comments and syndicate pages using RSS.

    business catalyst websites comments feedback

    Comments & Feedback

    Allow customers to comment on blog posts, in forms, products, catalogues and custom web application items, add customer comments and reviews to pages and manage them from your console.

    business catalyst websites customer relationship management crm

    Google Maps API

    Google Maps can be integrated into your website using Google Earth, Static Maps or JavaScript. These enable you to manipulate map data and show directions or specific locations eg. store locations.

    business catalyst websites calendar events

    Calendar Events

    The booking module allows you to add all annual events listed either by date or within a calendar format. You can also add additional information about each event, to display in a detailed page view.

    business catalyst websites affiliate program

    Affiliate Programs

    For other businesses that want to advertise your products and services, Affiliate Programs can be setup using a referral link and when their customer visit your site, the system will track the impressions and movements.

    business catalyst websites banner advertising

    Banner Advertising

    Ad Rotators allow you to sell advertising on your site, creating areas within a web page that rotate advertisements in HTML, Flash or image formats. They then track impressions and click-throughs, so you can measure the return on advertising investments.

    business catalyst websites rss feed

    RSS Feeds

    Syndicate (broadcast) content on Blogs, Announcements, Webpages, Apps and FAQ's and have it sent to RSS feeders automatically. A great way to keep customers up-to-date on the latest developments in your business.

    business catalyst websites media downloads

    Media Downloads

    Setup and maintain a library of media documents from PDF's to Excel documents and Movie files for customers to download onto their computer, then view and track all download activities in your reports manager.

    business catalyst websites html xml sitemaps

    HTML & XML Sitemaps

    Assist your customers in finding what they are looking for with a sitemap that has a link to every page on your website. We also provide XML sitemaps so the search engines find and spider all your pages.

    business catalyst websites customer service ticketing

    Customer Service Ticketing

    Provide support requests for your customers using an email ticketing system that helps manage queries, technical support or product  issues plus all customer communication is captured in your CRM. A great way to build a database of FAQ's.

    business catalyst websites customer relationship management crm

    CRM (Customer Management)

    From orders to comments, posts to email marketing, customers are tracked to give a profile history of  behaviour. Edit and sort customer details, control cases, orders, access privileges and subscriptions. Then create reports to download into Excel or add to an email marketing list.

    business catalyst websites custom applications

    Online Learning Applications

    Students can receive Secure Members Zone access to online learning material including Movies, Multiple Choice Questions, Workbooks, Forums, Blogs, Customer Service Ticketing and Document Upload Forms for completed Assessments.

    business catalyst websites secure zone

    Secure Members Zones

    Make any part of your site Secure, giving access via a payment system or by being manually subscribed. It requires a username and password for access, has an expiry date function, and can feature training material, movies, blog's, forums, customer details update and the ability to submit listings to be displayed on the site (car sales, event listings, career profiles, feedback etc).

    business catalyst websites donations and payments

    Collect Donations & Payments

    Not every online business sells products. Maybe you want to collect donations online, or perhaps you're a lawyer or accountant that simply needs to collect payments for services. We can configure Web Forms to securely collect payments for almost anything that you may need.

    business catalyst websites custom applications

    Custom Web Applications

    From real estate listings to business directories, we can design mini-databases and allow customers to add new items through a simple interface with expiry options. Built-in search and customer generated content allows users to submit, manage and delete their own items directly on the website and into the database. You can even charge for submissions.


    Website Translator

    These widgets can be added to your webpages to offer instant access to translation from English into languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japaneses, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Arabic.

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    Design your Content

    Great content is what set's you apart from your competition. We can reuse your current marketing material to transform your site into a Professional Business Brand. But don't worry if you don't have the content, cause we can produce it from scratch.

    Give your Online Business Personality ~

    business catalyst website content design custom logo design

    Custom Logo Design

    Each logo is individually developed to reflect your brands vision and can be composed of a symbol, illustration, font or a mixture of all elements. We can also develop a tag line to help describe your brand.

    business catalyst website content design product catalogues

    Product Catalogues

    If you have a product catalogue in print or digital format, we can transform it into an eCommerce shopping cart. It can also be supplied as a download for customers to view at home or in the office.

    business catalyst website content design newsletters


    Newsletters can be transformed into powerful email marketing campaigns, targeted to specific customer lists to help to produce sales, provide important product information and advertise special offers.

    business catalyst website content design brochures


    A Brochure design can be used as a website download so customers can view and print the information in their home or office. This makes great use of the marketing collateral you already have and eliminates printing costs.

    business catalyst website content design royalty free images graphics

    Royalty Free Images & Graphics

    We have access to a huge range of Royalty Free Imagery from Internet resolution to signage production. Once you purchase your imagery it can be used throughout your website and marketing material.

    business catalyst website content design still photography

    Still Photography

    We can tailor a photography shoot to suit your requirements and budget and can provide digital copies to upload to your website image gallery or use throughout your site.

    business catalyst website content design copyrighting editing

    Copywriting & Editing

    If you supply the basic text for your website, we can edit it for you or as a full service can write it from scratch.

    business catalyst website content design movies videos

    Movies & Videos

    Need a movie produced or one compressed for the web? We can upload movies to your website or Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Mevio, Metacafe, Daily Motion, eHow