On Page SEO

    On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    One of the most important considerations in your ongoing marketing activities is On Page SEO. It ensures your website is technically sound, search engine friendly and keyword rich to leverage rankings and landing page quality scores.

    There are over 200 indicators that search engines can use to analyse your website SEO before ranking it. Factors such as title tags, sitemaps, popularity, the use of keywords and spider-friendly navigation. There are many areas within your website and off-site that can be manipulated to improve organic rankings, and once setup On Page SEO can provide ongoing benefits with no extra cost.

    Around 10.3 Billion Searches are conducted every month on Google.

    Our On Page SEO strategies ensure your site is thoroughly optimised. We produce site and competitor analysis reports, continually monitor your keyword rankings and provide inhouse website updates to keep you ahead of the competition. We also keep in regular contact with you, offering support, monthly reporting and new digital marketing strategies to ensure the continual success of your online business.

    On Page SEO Tuneup ~

    on page seo

    Included in Every New Website Design

    We research and study the types of search terms that potential customers would use to find your business in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. We then use these targeted keywords to optimise your site and submit it to the major search engines.

    on page seo web site and keyword analysis Site and keyword analysis
    on page seo keyword analytics research inc targeted keywords titles and page descriptions Keyword research
    on page seo setup page meta descriptions and keywords page titles image alt tags design templates and URLs Setup page descriptions, titles, image tags and URLs
    on page seo review page content and include targeted keywords Review h1 titles and include targeted keywords
    on page seo html sitemap Generate XML sitemap
    on page seo submit site to major search engines google yahoo bing dmoz Submit site to Google & Bing Web Master Tools
    add google or business catalyst analytics to track visitors search phrases referrals and system performance Business Catalyst analytics to track site performance

    Order an On Page SEO Tuneup for your Website.

    SEO Major Overhaul ~

    Weekly Maintenance and Tracking

    Based on the SEO Analysis we would produce an improvement plan to update your website SEO. These updates are check-listed and optimised step by step, choosing the best options for keyword implementation and indexability.

    Once website updates are complete, we would implement a host of off-site marketing strategies to improve the sites popularity, social conversations, local search listings and overall business branding.

    Monthly reporting and tracking will show site improvements and track the results of the website and off-site updates using the Website Ranking Reports, Google Analytics, BC Website Analytics and Website Analysis Reporting.

    Website SEO Updates

    on page seo keyword analytics research Keyword analytics research
    on page seo targeted keywords titles page descriptions Targeted keywords, titles, page descriptions
    on page seo setup image alt tags tooltips file names anchors urls Image tags, tooltips, file names, anchors
    on page seo review page content and include targeted keywords Review content and targeted keywords
    on page seo produce html sitemap with links to all pages Produce HTML sitemap with links to all pages
    on page seo generate xml sitemap and add to search engines Generate XML Sitemap for Search Engines
    on page seo use absolute links and improve link density Use absolute links and improve link density
    on page seo set meta information and primary language Set meta information and primary language
    on page seo remove depreciated tags capitals in urls and page loops Remove depreciated tags, url capitals, loops
    on page seo remove duplicate content Remove duplicate content
    on page seo removal of tables and replace with divs where possible Remove tables and replace with divs
    on page seo check and adjust keyword density per page Check and adjust keyword density per page
    on page seo rework CSS title tags hierarchy errors and inline styles CSS titles, hierarchy errors, inline styles
    on page seo update robots text files Update robots.txt files
    on page seo search engine friendly navigation Search engine friendly navigation
    on page seo footer optimisation for keyword rich links Footer optimisation
    on page seo add site favicon Add site Favicons
    on page seo update system messages, errors and redirect pages Update system messages, errors, redirects
    on page seo planned website design enhancements and regular updates Planned website enhancements and updates

    Online SEO Updates
    on page seo links page management Links page management
    on page seo blog ghostwriting, management and directory submission Blogwriting, directory submission
    on page seo article writing and submission Article writing and submission
    son page seo ocial media optimisation google+ twitter facebook Social - Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
    on page seo maintaining social media and social conversations Maintain social media and conversations
    on page seo press release distribution Press release distribution
    on page seo email marketing implementation and testing Email marketing implementation and testing
    on page seo usage of webmaster tools to check crawl errors and spidering Use webmaster tools to check crawl errors
    on page seo customer experience analytics Customer experience analytics
    on page seo google my business optimisation Google 'My Business' optimisation
    on page seo addition of site to dmoz search engine Addition of site to DMOZ search engine
    on page seo google insights on keyword search statistics Google insights on search statistics
    on page seo web ranking reports Regular web ranking reports
    on page seo web analytics reports Regular web analytics reports
    on page seo website analytics goal setting Website analytics goal setting 

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