SEO Audit

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    Are there problems with your Google Search Rankings? Are any or all of your pages missing from Search Results? Is the wrong domain showing, are multiple domains listing or is the snippet description badly written?

    There are many variables that could cause your site to display incorrectly and therefore perform badly in Search Engine Results and our SEO Audit will help you locate the culprits!

    An SEO Audit of your website will evaluate your search engine rankings, provide a personalised diagnosis and supply a detailed report so you know what needs to be fixed which you can provide to your web developer or we can fix it for you.

    Evaluate your Websites Search Results ~

    seo audit website visibility

    An SEO Audit review - 

    seo audit ranking issues in google Checks how your pages display in Google
    seo audit page snippets Review Page Snippets, Rich Snippets & Open Graph
    seo audit site visibility errors Site visibility, 404 errors, blocked resources, robots.txt & sitemap
    seo audit file folder structure Check file and folder structure, linking & image setup
    seo audit site freshness link building Review site freshness & link building efforts
    seo audit duplicate content issues Locates duplicate content issues internally & externally
    seo audit 404 errors site speed Site speed problems & touch point sizes
    seo audit review sitemap xml Review sitemap.xml
    seo audit domain name setup forward Evaluate Domain Name setup & forwards
    seo audit keyword targeting density check Keyword targeting & density check
    seo audit analytics google map category Google Map category suggestions
    seo audit duplicate google map category Check Search Console & Webmaster Tools
    seo audit google analytics Assess Google Analytics account

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