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    1.4 billion Facebook Users, 900 million Google+ Users and 600 million tweets/day.

    Social Media works in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques and helps engage prospects and customers, entering into social conversations with them. It is a great way to keep the public up to date with your business and industry and this ultimately improves customer service.

    Different to traditional media, Social Media requires a more interactive selling strategy by raising awareness without the hard 'sales pitch'. It is a great resource for obtaining customer opinions and market research, increasing brand trust and loyalty and sharing information with like-minded people which helps showcase your expertise.

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    US Adults spend 33 minutes per day on Social Networks on average

    If you require social marketing setups in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or a YouTube Channel etc. we can setup your campaign, help you get started and update your information.

    Get Social Media Pages for your Business.

    'Add This' Widget

    If you don't currently employ social media, we would utilise an 'Add This' widget for customers to share your site content with their friends and colleagues. This also helps with your organic SEO activities, creating a link network throughout various websites. The 'Add This' widget tracks overall outbound 'shares' and inbound 'clicks' back to your site, shows which services are the most popular amongst your audience and what days of the week content is shared the most. You can then use this analytics information to help tailor your website content. An invaluable tool in your Social Media Optimisation efforts.

    Tell a Friend

    Another great social feature is the 'Tell a Friend' widget. This enables visitors to send a link in an email message to their friend's email addresses and share blog posts, database listings, webpages or email marketing campaigns.

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