What is Business Catalyst

    A fully Integrated CMS for Online Business

    Why do we use and recommend the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS to our clients?

    1. This fully hosted and secure application comes ready-to-go.
    2. No software downloads and no installation required.
    3. Both PC and Mac compatible.
    4. Built-in Customer Database, Shopping Cart, Email Marketing and Website Reporting wrapped into one system.
    5. 128bit encryption secure zones, event bookings and shopping carts (saving you $250/year).
    6. Regular upgrades to CMS software and system functionality.
    7. Adobe Help & Support, Videos & Knowledgebase.

    Hosted in the Sydney Data Centre, your yearly hosting fee covers the software user license, plus all the CMS features, monthly system upgrades and improvements. This means that overtime with a greater feature set, your Website appreciates in value, which helps to future-proof your site, saving you future costs.

    If you already have a website, we can import your site into the Business Catalyst CMS so you can start utilising all the features that Business Catalyst has to offer. Then, you can make all the updates and changes to the website yourself in real-time with no HTML experience needed and no hourly rates for changes!

    We love developing with this software, and our clients gain full control of their online businesses which makes Business Catalyst our platform of choice.

    what is business catalyst

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